SINERTECH specializes in the design of every type of continuous facade:

  • facade with prefabricated panels
  • facade with structural or semi-structural bonding
  • classic curtain wall system or mullion/transom facade
  • double skin facade

In the design phase, the best performance of the product to be achieved is strongly taken into consideration, which also allows for comfort, energy saving and safety.


This is the stage in which Sinertech expresses all its know-how and skills thanks to its staff and to the technology present in the production area.

The most important quality is the operational capability.

Sinertech’s expertise ranges from machining of aluminum extruded designs, made with CNC control and three-dimensional programming, to the construction of very special and design special fixtures; or to the assembly of facade modules (single or double skin) with structural sealing of the glass, thanks to the special certification for this operation.

Finished Product

Thanks to the optimization of processes, Sinertech is able to manufacture finished products capable of meeting all the requirements in terms of quality, safety, reliability in line with all national and international standards.