Simplicity and Taste.

One of the quality elements of our work lies in the synergies we develop with our interlocutors because the collaboration is the basis of a workgroup formed by professionals able to stimulate innovation, the progressive qualification of the taste of the beautiful and essential.
All this has led Sinertech to develop and refine highly valued products with a fresh and clean design that fits perfectly in modern environments and is consistent with any type of renovation.

The various positioning and fixing possibilities help to clear the good part of the load bearing elements.

The most solid solutions are also the most beautiful.

The great experience in building curtain walls has enabled Sinertech to develop and refine specific skills on mechanical machining and assembly of particularly complex modules.

Thanks to the technological availability and capabilities of our operators, we are able to contribute to the development and design of various technical studies, giving shape, style and aesthetic quality to unique works.

Special machining.

Sinertech’s extensive experience in metalworking enables agile research and application of innovative closure and security systems.

All the mechanical components of Sinertech products are designed according to their durability and the widest functionality: research, experimentation and operational application are developed in the company thanks to the technological availability and expertise of dedicated technicians.